Cyber Credit Natural Resources Completed US$3 Million Private Placement Within 48 Hours and Listing on Cryptosx

Cyber Credit Natural Resources (“CCNR”) took 2 days from start sell on 19 May 2020 to complete US$3 Million private placement to professional investors, creaFng a record for STO fund raising. CCT security token successfully listed on Cryptosx Digital Exchange for secondary trading on Friday 22 May 2020. First. Bullion Holdings Inc. would like to whole heartedly congratulate CCNR and its advisory team on this momentous achievement.

The lisFng ceremony of CCT tokens were aTended by Shareholders, management team, and professional firms involved with the STO, including Henry Yu & Associates (Legal Counsel), CreaFve Union InternaFonal (Digital Agent) and through live streaming from the Philippines by the regulators CEZA (The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and Asia Blockchain and Crypto AssociaFon (ABACA).

CCT tokens commenced trading at US$1.00 and very quickly reached US$1.75 within minutes and ended the day at US$2.00. A key aTracFon of CCT token is the asset backing  and may be more importantly to some investors is that it carries a guarantee coupon US$0.15. This coupon is payable in USDT every two months in the two years from the date of lisFng. So, investors in primary issuance will get annual interest of 15% and potenFal capital gain as the copper mine goes into commercial producFon.

To be eligible to trade any CCT and other security tokens on Cryptosx, investors have to go through KYC, ID verificaFon process driven by biometric based AI engine, fund proof and self-cerFficaFon to become an “Accredited Investor” as defined by CEZA.

23 May 2020

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