Announcement of Coupon Distribution in Oct 2020

Cyber Credit Natural Resources Group (Cayman Islands) Limited –

Investor Communications:


It is resolved by the board that the payment of a bi-monthly coupon, up to 31st October, 2020, of USDT0.025 per CCT token will be payable on 16th November 2020.

The board of directors decided to distribute the bimonthly coupons up to 31st October, 2020 to CCT securities token investors, each coupon was USDT 0.025, and the distribution date is 16th November, 2020.


  1. STO Price

The price of CCT has risen from US $1 when it was listed on 22nd May, 2020 to about US$5.7 (+ 470%), and the market value of CCT has risen to about US $100 million.

  1. Status of Project Operation 

The copper mine project – Rio LeonMag 3, in Peru, has started to carry out mine road leveling, mine exploration and mining preparation work in mid-October, and has constructed the mining plan.

  1. Sales Pipeline of Copper Concentrates

The sales channel of copper concentrate has been improved. Different potential buyers of copper concentrates have contacted the company, including listed companies and Chinese Enterprises.

  1. IIoT & Copper Concentrates Exchange platform

The prototype planning of Copper Concentrates Exchange platform and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been completed. The next stage of research and development of IIoT and Fintech platform is being launched.

Cyber Credit Natural Resources Group (Cayman Islands) Limited

Hong Kong, 16th November, 2020





  1. 證券型代幣(STO)價格


  1. 項目營運狀況

秘魯銅礦項目 Rico LeonMag 3已於10 月中開始進行礦山道路平整工程、礦山勘探及開採準備工作,並建構採礦計劃中。

  1. 銅精粉銷售


  1. 工業物聯網(IIoT)及銅精粉交易平台




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