cryptosx raffle

CryptoSX will raffle 20 prizes of $500USDT!

cryptosx raffle

CryptoSX has announced its 2021 Summer Raffle for all newly registered users.

Among the next 1,000 new unique fully validated users*, CryptoSX will raffle 20 prizes of $500USDT each.

This raffle will be active for as long as 1,000 new users with a full validation are achieved.


cryptosx raffle

*What is a unique fully validated user?

  • A new user that never had a CryptoSX account before.
  • Each person can only create one account for this raffle
  • A fully validated account has successfully progressed through the 3 validation processes and has received a confirmation email of being a valid accredited investor:
    • 1) Email validation
    • 2) ID verification
    • 3) Investor accreditation
  • Users that created an account before the raffle was announced can only participate if they only went through the Email verification process but have not yet progressed further. To participate, these users will have to finish the whole validation process as explained above.

Winners must give their consent for their names to be shared publicly to maintain a transparent approach to the raffle.

The $500USDT will be added to the winners’ CryptoSX digital wallet. The tether coins can be used on any of the CryptoSX products.


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