InterPlanetary Gene Data System (“IPGS”) Token Approved Listing on CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange

Korea based DNA sequencing platform IPGS to empower users control over their genomic data and to monetize personal medical records.

MANILA Feb 25, 2022 / ACCESSWIRE/ – – CryptoSX announce the approval of the first non-security Digital Asset Token Offering by IPGS – a global genome sharing platform and a global sequencing alliance via a blockchain-based decentralized network to form an ecosystem where genomic data are protected and users can instantly access the data without the need to go through an intermediary service.

“IPGS is the first ICO approved for listing on CryptoSX by CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) and one of the very few ICO that has a compliant legal structure and documentation.” Philip Tam, Founder and CEO of CryptoSX. “IPGS is at the bleeding edge of genomic data application and we are proud to work with their team to realize their vision.”

If the genomic data held by 7.7 billion people in the world are shared fairly and freely among all the genetics academia and medical institution, it will vigorously promote the development of new drugs and disease prevention, and ultimately lead us into a new way of life. To facilitate this process, IPGS will prioritize the design of the platform and advancements in technology to build the best genetic information sharing solution for the human being.

IPGS Ecosystem

Built upon the latest blockchain technology and combined with revolutionary interplanetary storage system, IPGS aims to create a futuristic sharing economy based on human genome data, where information can be circulated seamlessly and securely on the network. By adding a layer of token-based incentive system, IPGS promise that every DNA provider on the platform will be rewarded for agreeing to contribute their genome information for any medical or commercial project.

IPGS’s DNA platform

IPGS’s DNA platform

Global Sequencing Alliance

Accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment, disease prediction, and prevention using genome sequencing can not only improve the quality of life of individuals, but also contribute to more effective healthcare management and lower healthcare costs. To achieve this goal, the world must work together. Based on the IPGS InterPlanetary Storage system, every participant including DNA providers, medical institutions, research centers, and genetic experts, will be able to join the system without boundaries to create a shared genomic data platform that can be accessed globally.

IPGS Sequencing HQ was established in the UK, and signed MOUs to establish a partnership system with DTC specialized organizations distributed in Europe and around the world. By assigning a representative DTC institution to each continent (European Union, Africa, CIS, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North and South America), IPGS ensures that the genome testing demand from all over the world can be fulfilled.

IPGS’s genetic testing kit

IPGS’s genetic testing kit

IPGS’s buccal kit

IPGS’s buccal kit

Professional Team of IPGS

Dr. Jae-Won Lee
Research Professor

Dr. Jae-Won Lee Research Professor
  • Head of HumanPass Research Institute
  • Professor at Hallym University of Medicine.
  • Core member in Genetic testing lab, affiliated research institute of NgenBio Co., Ltd.
  • Researcher, Institute of Life Science and Technology, Yonsei University
  • Researcher, Institute of Natural Sciences, Yonsei University.

Specialist I-Jeong Yu
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Specialist I-Jeong Yu Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Sahmyook Dental Hospital
  • Manager of Implant Center, EL Dental Hospital
  • Current Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Top Dental Clinic

Forward Looking Statement

Today, many genome data analysis companies are making huge profits by providing user data to world-class pharmaceutical companies and research institutes without any permission.

However, in the IPGS’s vision, the data sovereignty must be returned to individuals. IPGS’s blockchain-based decentralized network system enables genomic information to be shared transparently and securely regardless of race, country, gender or age. With the innovative scientific research spirit, following the industry’s innovative technology, and adhering to the customer-oriented service concept, IPGS strives to provide humanity with the most innovative DNA sharing solutions. In the future, IPGS will establish a global business alliance and cooperate with world-class pharmaceutical companies, health/beauty companies, scientific research institutions, and medical institutions to bring a better life to the world

About Cryptosx                

With the empowerment of world-leading technologies, Cryptosx has built a cutting-edge platform for Asset Backed Digital Asset Offerings and Secondary Trading. Already the leading STO platform with 10 successful listing, Cryptosx is compliant with all the applicable financial and virtual exchange policies and regulations of the Philippine Government under CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) ‘Rules on Digital Asset and Token Offerings’ Supplement to CEZA Financial Technology Solutions and Offshore Virtual Currency Business Rules and Regulations of 2018 (‘CEZAFTSOVCBRR of 2018’). Cryptosx is partially owned by two listed companies on NASDAQ and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

IPGS’s communities

IPGS’s communities
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