CryptoSX Joins Forces With Okra Finance to Bring Security Tokens to Institutional Participants

CryptoSX is one of the pioneer platforms in the Security Tokens space. We have now secured a partnership with this licensed Digital Exchange platform to bring the unique STO asset class to the Permissioned DeFi world. 

We are excited to announce a landmark partnership with – a fully-licensed digital assets exchange platform that is focused on providing asset tokenization and unique security token listing for established institutions and startups around the world. 

Security tokens have provided a sweet spot for standard TradFi companies to access the liquidity and transactional efficiency that the blockchain technology offers. 

This partnership will see both platforms collaborate to bring Security Tokens as a unique asset class to the Permissioned DeFi world. 

This will ultimately allow CryptoSX’s STO partners access wider reach and patronage, while Okra users get to deploy cross-asset class portfolio construction within the confines of relevant regulatory & compliance protocols.

CryptoSX Joins Forces With Okra Finance

Okra will now be able to leverage CryptoSX asset tokenization technology to bring indexes composed of diverse Security Tokens to life. Institutional participants will now be able to interact with this unique asset class through our Okra DApp. 

In a recent interview, Michael So, Co-Founder of Okra Finance, expressed optimism that this partnership will take Okra’s DeFi infrastructure and DApp offerings to the next level.

By introducing Security Tokens as an asset class to the Okra onchain composable index ecosystem, we will now be able to offer Institutional participants, fund managers & fund advisors on our platform a unique cross-asset class with onchain portfolio and exposure to multiple sectors.” 

“CryptoSX is one of the pioneers of the Security Token space. We are excited to begin a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration between our two innovative platforms,”  he added.

Similarly, CryptoSX is poised to benefit significantly from this partnership in terms of increased dominance in the Security Tokens industry. Since the Okra platform works with some of the most popular chains, like Ethereum and Avalanche, CryptoSX and its partner STO companies  are set to generate a lot of traction and liquidity for their digital assets.

Philip Tam, CEO of CryptoSX also commented that; 

“With this strategic partnership, we look forward to demonstrating the materiality of our asset tokenization platform by bringing our Security Tokens to the Okra community. We are excited to have our listed digital assets traded across different blockchain networks.” 

“The Okra Finance team has demonstrated unique technological innovation with a lot of consideration for regulatory clarity. And we are thrilled to play a part in Permissioned DeFi .”, he concluded. 

Security Tokens are one the fastest-growing asset classes in the blockchain industry today. Okra Finance and CryptoSX platforms are laser-focused on the ultimate goal of increasing the popularity and efficiency of Security Token offerings globally.

About CryptoSX

CryptoSX is one of the fastest growing digital assets exchanges in the world. An innovative, end-to-end exchange that redefines the perception of Security Token Offerings (STOs) in a fully regulated ecosystem. 

CryptoSX is compliant with all applicable financial and virtual exchange policies and regulations of the Philippine Government under CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority) and holds a Principal Full License since 2018. 

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About Okra Finance

Okra finance is the first permissioned DeFi index creation and execution platform powered by smart contracts. Our mission is to create an on-chain asset management ecosystem for institutional participants to have access to a wide range of DeFi strategies and build customized portfolios. Okra’s unique “permissioned” framework provides the necessary infrastructure for institutions’ long-term participation as the DeFi landscape continues to evolve. 

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