Top 12 Digital Securities to Focus on this July

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Digital securities, known in the crypto industry as security tokens, have been on a sharp rise recently, thanks to the growing interest in the crypto industry among traditional companies. While there are those who invested in Bitcoin and the altcoin market, whether directly or through intermediaries, many others have chosen to work with security tokens.

This is not surprising, given that securities are regulated and so both the companies and investors are protected by the law. This also encourages firms as they know that regulators will not target their digital assets, and it gives regular investors, as well as VC funds a new type of asset to invest in and enrich their portfolios. So, if you are among those who wish to invest in securities, we have prepared a list of the top 12 such assets to keep an eye on in July 2022. And, if you feel adventurous and willing to try out something new, you can take a chance with the ones that catch your eye and diversify your portfolio, yourself.

1. Blockchain Capital

To start off, we have Blockchain Capital. The firm is well known for being a leading venture company in the blockchain sector, and it has been active for about eight years now. Since its launch, it made more than 125 investments throughout the blockchain industry, targeting companies and protocols alike. The firms it invested in are located all over the world, and their projects were in all stages of development — as long as Blockchain Capital saw potential in them, it supported them.

With a track record like that, Blockchain Capital became a very influential company. Today, it offers capital support, operational support, organization of community events, participatory services, and more. It also has its native token, BCAP, which has been around since 2017. While this was the year of ICOs, Blockchain Capital still captured the attention by raising $10 million in only six hours during its token sale.

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2. Enegra Group

Next up, we have Enegra Group, which is a company that enables commodity miners in emerging markets to compete globally, using world-class trading expertise, logistics, risk management, and governance.

Enegra’s story goes back to 2011 when it identified an opportunity to apply its experience in the fields of logistics, trade, and finance to reduce the risk of sourcing and trading commodities from emerging economies. Since then, it partnered with mid-tier miners across Southeast Asia, by contracting to purchase their production offtake and trade on the global commodity markets.

Its security token, EGX, is essentially tokenized equity of the Enegra Group Ltd, with a total of 85 million EGX issued to represent the ordinary shares, but in the form of crypto.

3. INX Limited

In the third spot, we have INX Limited, and its security token INX. The company has a goal of introducing a new regulated standard, which is something that quickly attracted everyone’s attention. INX Limited’s long-term goal is to enable its own spot trading suite for cryptocurrencies and digital securities. Its primary focus is on broad crypto trading offerings.

The company is compliant with the laws of major regulatory bodies from all over the world, including the US SEC, EU, as well as FINRA. Right now, it is trying to get institutional investors more involved with crypto, using its business to connect the two.

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4. SiriHub

Then, we have SiriHub, which is an SEC-regulated real estate-backed investment token. In fact, it is the first SEC-regulated token of this kind, and it is headquartered in Thailand. Essentially, the project allows investors to gain stable yields on their investments, and it uses Siri Campus as its underlying asset.

The project’s goal is to allow investors to empower their wealth and receive their revenue share regularly, each quarter. On top of that, it also grants investors a revenue share from the Siri Campus’ rental payment. Essentially, the project’s goal, for now, is to encourage investing in real estate-backed tokens and make it a new norm.

5. Exodus

Moving on, we have Exodus, which is a project that offers a wallet for Bitcoin and altcoins. It has its own native EXIT cryptocurrency which is supported by the wallet, along with Bitcoin, and over 200 other cryptocurrencies. The wallet is very user-friendly, and it allows users to easily send, receive, and exchange any of the supported coins.

Exodus combines crypto payments, common stock represented digitally by EXIT, and Reg A+ offering. In the end, each EXIT token represents one share of the Exodus’ common stock, making investments very easy and convenient.

To learn more visit our Investing in Exodus guide.


Halfway down the list, we have a security token called SPICE VC. The project has made a number of major investments in a company known as Securitize. Securitize is a major token issuer, and so far, it has shown quite a notable traction when it comes to tokenizing assets and creating new securities. They have already attracted many big names, including Bakkt,, ROX, and others.

SPICE VX has an experienced team behind it, and it has been in the digital securities business for quite a long time. And, of course, both the project and its team are major advocates for security tokens and investors in digital securities.

To learn more visit our Investing in Spice VC guide.

7. Tinaga Island Resort

In the seventh spot, we have Tinaga Island Resort (TIRC) — a project issued by Tinaga Resorts Corporation. The firm noticed the success and attractive qualities of the cryptocurrency technology so it decided to create its own token, and make it a security. This is how TIRC came to be, and the project set up a goal of raising $10.6 million which will be used for the development of a 5-star beach resort.

Tinaga Island Resort was the first STO of this kind. The token sale took place in late 2020, and the project aims to start operations in December 2024. At that point, the resort should open its doors to customers, and investors will start generating profit from the resort’s operations.

8. Dignity Gold

Next, we have Dignity Gold in number eight. This is a blockchain development company which develops security tokens with the goal of establishing investment opportunities in the precious metals mining and mineral sectors across the United States.

Dignity Gold is a project of the Dignity Corporation, which is a blockchain company that creates securities for precious metals and minerals. Its agreements create an implied intrinsic value, and the goal is to offer a stable, safe way for people to invest in these commodities. Meanwhile, Dignity tokens, as tokenized securities, also offer special benefits, such as additional distributions that depend on the amount of securities the investor holds.

9. Protos

Moving on to number nine, we have Protos — a company that offers investors exposure to professionally managed portfolios of crypto assets and DeFi networks. Protos has been in business since 2017, and in the last five years, it helped more than 200 investors gain valuable exposure to the emerging digital asset classes. The project offers products for both sides, crypto holders and fiat currency investors.

To learn more visit our Investing in Protos guide.

10. AspenCoin

Finally, we have AspenCoin, which is a security token of Aspen Digital. Aspen Digital is a subsidiary of another company — Elevated Returns LLC. This is a global real estate company that leads the development of the security token market, and its primary goal is to create a borderless marketplace for real estate investments.

As for AspenCoin, it is an asset-backed coin, distributed to investors via a private Reg D 506 offering. It is compliant with the laws of its jurisdiction, and perfectly safe for investors to purchase and own.

11. Millennium Sapphire

Nearing the end of our list, we have Millennium Sapphire. This is a very interesting project that was imagined to serve as a tribute to humanity’s creativity. If you don’t know, the Millennium Sapphire is an actual sapphire with various images etched into its sides. It is the largest blue sapphire in the world, and the images represent some of humanity’s most notable milestones and achievements, starting with the beginning of recorded history and ending with the modern-day achievements, so it covers roughly 5,000 years of human history.

There are 134 scenes in total, and the project developed a MS Token around it, which is used in quite a unique way. Essentially, the project created NFTs of the gem, and it is now selling fractionalized ownership of the sapphire through an STO.

12. BitBond

Finally, we have BitBond, and its BitBond Token (BB1). This is Germany’s first security token, where each token holds the value of 1 EUR. The token’s issuer is BitBond Finance GmbH, which is, itself, owned by Bitbond GmbH. Bitbond delivers financial technology powered by blockchain, and it actually got into this sector all the way back in 2013. It started with SME lending, tokenization, and digital asset custody. The token, BB1, is issued on the Stellar blockchain for its speed, low-cost transactions, and a built-in DEX.


The list of reliable security tokens that are just waiting to be invested in grows longer with each new month. However, it is important to remember that the currently available tokens are still among the first movers. So, they likely have a huge potential to grow when it becomes a norm for companies around the globe to produce and offer digital securities.

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