Top 3 Security Tokens to Invest in 2021

Security Tokens are gaining more traction and popularity among crypto enthusiasts with every passing month. It’s no surprise that the global market cap for Security tokens has reached $1 billion, which shows a 500% spike compared to the figures for 2020. 

Many prominent cryptocurrency exchanges have already started offering STOs to retail investors. However, many investors are still finding it quite bamboozling when it comes to choosing the right tokens that offer the best value in terms of stability and yield potential. 

Since mainstream cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc. are well known for their erratic price volatility. Consequently, they have become one of choiciest investment vehicles, especially among Institutional investors, Hedge funds and keen individuals in recent times. 

If you are looking to venture into Security tokens but you’re wondering which tokens you should start with, read on. 

Top 3 Security Tokens to Invest in 2021

We researched various Security tokens (STOs) on the market to recommend some decent projects with solid fundamentals for a great yield potential. 

Some of the factors we considered are; Stability of the underlying assets, Security of the token standard deployed, and potential market value. Now let’s have a look at these STOs. 

Our List: 

  1. FirstShot Centers – Real Estate Repurposing
  2. Cyber Credit: Natural Resources & Mines
  3. HCS Whisky: Whisky Casks and Rare Collections
  4. First Shot Centers

Established in 2020, First Shot Centers has successfully cemented its status the of the fastest growing real estate services company globally. The company specialized in acquiring, re-purposing and operating under-utilized properties. 

The company handpicks choice properties around the world that are vacant or greatly undervalued retail shopping centers with a view to create opportunistic investments. Every center or store is typically repurposed as into a high-yield entertainment center. Currently adequate clientele within the firearms and ammunition industry, as well as national tenants across the United States of America have been identified.

Why You Should Invest In First Shot Security Tokens

Over the last decade, online shopping has grown rapidly to become multi-billion dollar industry. This has resulted in a changing commercial landscape in the American retail space. The increase in consumer penchant for online shopping has led to empty shopping malls, big box stores and superstores that are scattered across different cities in America and beyond. Consequently, the market value of these properties have dropped significantly.  

First Shot Centers has the potential to commercialize over a billion square feet of retail space sits empty in the United States. Stores can be repurposed for a specific targeted industry. Each center can house a variety of national tenants that have been identified.

By investing in First Shot Center’s Security Token, you’d have legitimate claim to a slice of ownership of these assets. The profit potential from commercializing and repurposing the retail spaces is virtually limitless

  1. CyberCredit: 

Cyber credit is natural resources investment and management company. The company has vast operations across Latin America, South East Asia and China. This Security Token Offering represents the Rico LeonMag 3 mine. This well-maintained mine has well over 90 million MT of Copper reserves, covering over 5,400 hectares of land.

What you stand to gain when you Investing in Cyber Credit Security Tokens 

  • Fractional ownership of Copper mines and other diverse solid Mineral resources located across different continents. 

In addition to the extensive investments and mining rights in South America and Asia the stakeholders Cyber Credit have outlined plans to increase mining and production capacity. The Global market for Copper is well established. Industrial and Ornamental utility across different sectors. Considering the fact as significant portion of global demand for copper is still unmet, the market value of Copper is expected to rise steadily over the next few years. Many investors opine that the Copper-linked Cyber Credit Security Token is one of the smart blockchain investments for 2021. 

  1. HCS Whisky Fund:

Whisky is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The global Whisky market is valued at USD 70 billion. And the value is projected grow even larger as the appetite for the drink is growing rapidly in new markets like China and Singapore. 

HCS is the first blockchain-deployed rare Whisky Investment Fund. The fund is led by the legendary Howard Cai – a renown whisky connoisseur, and international food judge. 

Whisky has been a veritable form of long-term investments for decades among a select few High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs). Whisky Casks, Bottled-drinks, and Collectibles are all well diversified whisky-related markets. However, High entry Capital and low liquidity have limited mainstream adoption of Whisky as an investment vehicle, especially among retail investors. 

HCS Whisky Fund Security Tokens has created an avenue for Whisky enthusiasts around the world to earn income by investing in various whisky assets. 

By Investing in HCS Whisky Fund Tokens, you stand to gain fractional ownership of rare Whisky Casks, Limited Edition Whisky Drinks and lots more.  Historical performance of Whisky-related investments shows a yield potential that outperforms traditional investments like gold, stocks and wine by a wide margin.

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Wrapping Up

Security tokens have become much more desirable. Because they are actually benchmarked against real-world assets, they are more stable and reliable as a long-term store of value.

The security tokens are deployed securely on the blockchain with ERC-20 standard and they are listed on Cryptosx. – a licensed digital asset exchange. 

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