Top 3 Emerging Crypto Exchanges in Asia

Did you know that as recently as 2019, 70% of global bitcoin trading volume originated from Asian traders? And following the Covid-19 induced economic recession in 2020, there was a further increase in mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency across the region.

Consequently, the number of crypto exchanges keeps growing rapidly to accommodate the different needs of both new and old investors.

Evidently, since inception of blockchain technology, Asia has been very dominant in global crypto currency activities. Recent landmark events such as Security tokenization, Digitization of Fiat currencies and adoption of cryptocurrencies on leading online shopping platforms has seen the battle between emerging exchanges becoming fiercer than ever.

And as new retail and institutional investors navigate the market, it has become increasingly difficult for them to choose an exchange that is perfect for their trading and investment needs.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the top 3 emerging crypto exchanges in Asia, and take a look at some of the exciting features within their trading platforms.

Top 3 Emerging Crypto Exchanges

  1. KikiTrade – Low Fees
  2. KuCoin – Best for Day trading
  3. CryptosX – Best Overall

  4. Kiki Trade

KikiTrade is a growing crypto exchange that has attained some prominence as a commission-free platform. The budding crypto exchange platform provides exchange services targeted towards novice and beginner investors.

It provides a more interactive and social trading experience that allows beginners to ease their ways into the blockchain world.

With a simple and easy-to-use platform, KikiTrade allows novice traders to copy the trading strategies of more seasoned and experience traders. Thereby, replicating their profitable trading returns. This helps beginners to avoid taking massive losses while they learn the ropes.

KikiTrade’s platform also engages it community of users with various activities where traders discuss hot topics and participate in different polls across various social media platforms. They also have a ‘latest news’ section that helps users to say updated about the crypto world is updated daily in the news section.

In summary, the low-trading fees, beginner-friendly interface, and social media integration all make KikiTrade an attractive option for Asia’s millennial investors.


  • Beginner-friendly Interface
  • Social activities
  • Low trading fees


  • Limited range of Coins
  • Limited range of security tokens
  1. KuCoin

KuCoin is a growing Singapore-based crypto exchange. However, it also has some corporate presence in China, Thailand, and the Philippines.

KuCoin offers an intuitive and interactive platform where investors can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also has massive option or margin trading features as well leveraged futures contracts.

For real-time execution of trades, KuCoin users have access to comprehensive price charts and indicators, as well access to live order book and order fills data.

While there are no fees for deposits, users on the KuCoin platform often face a withdrawal minimum for all listed coins. This creates a huge challenge for small scale and retail investor.  Likewise, there are significant withdrawal fees for most coins.


  • Interactive trading platform
  • Access to Margin & Futures trading
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies


  • The platform is not beginner-friendly
  • Limitations of withdrawals is a strong pull-back for small scale investors
  • High transaction fees
  1. Cryptosx

Founded in 2018, Cryptosx is one of the few that started off fully licensed and regulated as a digital asset exchange. Cryptosx is a pioneer of Security Token Offering (STO) in Asia as early as October 2019. It has since listed 6 more security tokens from businesses in US, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines.

A key and unique feature of Cryptosx is their focus on developing Accredited Investors in the retail space instead of professional investors in most security tokens platform. With the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and asset tokenization trend, Cryptosx may well become one of the leading platform by 2022.

“With the introduction of Security tokens on the Cryptosx platform, I can now invest in leading crypto as well as security tokens that have asset backed 27 X 7 and not restricted by traditional banking hours and have my funds returned via bank transfer. ” said Mike Hazel, an accredited Cryptosx user from Australia.012.32

The trading platform of the exchange provides traders with all the latest tools including, detailed and advanced price charts, access to all cryptocurrencies for trading, real-time market data, secure deposit & withdrawal, etc.


  • Accepts MasterCard and Visa card to purchase BTC/ETH/USDT
  • Fiat and Crypto conversion
  • One-click buy and an Advanced API.
  • Offers opportunity for traders and investors to access a wide range of Security tokens.
  • Cryptosx also offers companies around the world the technology to tokenize their assets and stocks. This helps them to get access to capital from investors across the globe without the regional limitations of their local stock markets.
  • Low transaction fees, Safe and Secure platform


  • Only support the leading cryptos.
  • No margin trading nor derivative products

Traders on Cryptosx can easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies as well as Security Tokens. Click here to get started.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been crucial to the blockchain ecosystem’s rise to prominence. They create an entry point for everyday people to gain access to new world of digital assets.

Asides from the trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, crypto exchanges also play a huge role in creating a vast pool of demand and supply for altcoins and decentralized finance projects. Licensed platforms like Cryptosx even go a step further to facilitate and popularize the trade of Security Tokens across continents.

Crypto exchanges essentially offer a simple way for less tech savvy investors to interact with crypto. All it takes today, is PC or a mobile phone.

All of the three crypto exchanges in our list all fulfill a critical function of providing a safe and easy way for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to trade with one another securely.

The number of digital assets, investor appetite, and global coverage for cryptocurrencies have soared exponentially over the last few years. Consequently, the battle between crypto exchanges is now more competitive than it has ever been. Which of the above listed exchanges do you think will have the most international success? Let us know in the comments.

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